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Phoenix  Maya's Magatama Rosaries by Aikoiya
Phoenix Maya's Magatama Rosaries

To start off, this picture is actually of 2 Rosaries & the 1 with blue & green belongs to Phoenix Wright.


Rosaries are Prayer Beads, a religious item used during chants. In a way, the necklaces that the Spirit Mediums of Kurain Village wear are much like Rosaries. Thing is, I don’t feel like they properly portray real prayer beads. Really, they look more like a string with 4 giant beads & a big ass Magatama bead for the pendant. So, I wanted to make something nice for my favorite Ace Attorney Couple. Especially seeing as Phoenix just carries his Charged Magatama around in his pocket.  Really, he’s liable to lose it, case in point; Recipe for the Turnabout. I know that it was pick-pocketed, but is that really any better?


Let’s begin with Phoenix’s Rosary. Those blue beads aren’t actually beads, they’re pearls. Blue Freshwater Pearls to be exact; they symbolize Truth, Intuition, Trust, Responsibility, Tranquility, Confidence, Loyalty, Calming, Conservativeness, Dependability, & Courage. Quite a few of those are traits that I associate with the Turnabout King. When used for Rosaries, pearls can help with calming exorcises & finding ones center while helping you to nurture loyalty, integrity, & faith. This is very good for meditation very stressful situations. It’s incredibly useful for those who often takes it upon themselves to go through emotionally trying ordeals for the sakes of others.


Phoenix’s Rosary has 8 fangs decorating it & each one has a purpose. 4 of the fangs hanging from the spiritual necklace came from a sacred benevolent creature of Iranian Mythology, the Simurgh Angha; 2 of which frame the Self-Sustaining Magatama. A chimera, Angha has a body that combines the forms of both a canine & a bird. (For my purposes, I’ve conjured a bogus myth.) One legend says that the Angha had truly migrated from Japan & was originally born as a result of a union between the Ookami Amaterasu & Fushichou Moegami.


Much like phoenixes, at the end of her life, she bursts into flame & is reborn anew. She also has powers of purification, cleansing the land & waters of impurities. Her home is in the branches of the Tree of Life as its Guardian Protector.


The next 2 fangs are those of a mated pair of Japanese Guardian Spirit Komainu or Lion Dogs. Much like their Shi cousins on the Main Land, they stand guard on either side of a temple or Imperial Entry Way. The male with his mouth closed representing refusal to allow evil spirits in, while the female stands with her mouth open to allow the good spirits entry. In appearance, they strongly resemble lions more than dogs only slightly smaller.


The next set of fangs are simply more of Angha’s, so I’ll move on. The final set come from a mated pair of Guardian Shisa. Shisa are like the Okinawa cousin of the Shi & Komainu only smaller & appear more canine than lion, though they perform the same task as their Komainu brethren.


(In case anyone is concerned for the wellbeing of these mystical creatures, don’t be. The fangs were not stolen from them. Angha & all the Komainu & Shisa knew full well what their fangs would be used to make & had given their blessing. Afterwards, each one had even gone so far as to reach in & rip out the fangs needed, then present them to the Rosaries’ creator; Me! So, nobody got taken advantage of, here! Personally, I had some Spirit Numbing Injections all ready for their gums; you know, the kind the Dentist pokes your gums with before they start drilling? Whelp, I didn’t need them, because they were all too badass for that shit!)


It seems like bronze needs to have specific shape in order to ward off evil spirits, such as mirrors or faces, but what if the bronze didn’t need to be shaped like a mirror? What if it only needed to reflect images as well as one? As a result, all metal used in the Rosaries & Maya’s Earrings are an alloy that could be forged to reflect with ease. The alloy used is a combination of tin, copper, & Crystalline Adamantine. (For those who not in the know, Crystalline Adamantine is a variant of Adamantium native only to the Spirit World & even then, it is a rare metal. As its name suggests, it is transparent, much like a crystal.) Not only does the nearly see-through metal easily strengthen the molecular bonds of the bronze by a great amount, it adds a certain shine to it while only diluting & lightening the color by a shade or two making it look more like a burnt Rose Gold. I believe that I will name this new alloy… Espiritus Adamantium!


Despite the altering of the alloy’s makeup, it still retains its ability to ward off evil spirits & considering the origins of the 3rd metal added, the effects are actually boosted. So, all the fangs have caps on the flat end & the round flats of the caps have all been made into mirrors. Once again, all the metal in the picture is made of Espiritus Adamantium.


Finally, at the center of it all is the Magatama. Pearl, being the Fan Club’s mole on the inside, had taken the liberty of draining all of her Spirit Energy from the green tama just before she was scheduled to leave for Kurain. When her parental figures realized that all the energy was gone, they called her up asking what she thought might’ve happened. Her only response “I don’t know, but I can’t go back yet. You should recharge the Magatama, Mystic Maya! You’ll need to learn how eventually, so why not now?”


There you have it! The Magatama is now powered by Maya! I call Phoenix’s Rosary the Fanged Rosary.


The pink, purple, & yellow Rosary belongs to Maya &, honestly, now that I’ve gotten the explanation of Espiritus Adamantium out of the way, there isn’t as much symbolism in hers as there is in the Fanged Rosary.


The pearls on her Rosary happen to be Pink Akoya Pearls; representing Compassion, Energy, Faith, Generosity, Happiness, Health, Kindness, Love, Loyalty, Passion, Power, Protection, Purity, & Romance.


Other than that, the only real points of note would have to be the purple beads, the earrings, &, maybe, those two weird little Epiritus Adamantium beads that are just sort of hangin’ out.


1st off, the purple beads are round balls of pure Amethyst, having 1st been cut into faceted spheres, they had then been sanded down until smooth & polished to a shine. 2 of the Amethyst Spheres are a bit smaller than the others to give some variation.


I wanted to give Maya these ‘beads’ so that her new Rosary still had a bit of her old acolyte necklace in it while also taking an excuse to give her more purple to wear. They’re all meant to resemble the purple forelock ornaments that she always wears.


I tried to look up some type of mythical silkworm or spider or something who could hopefully spin some kind of unbreakable thread that I could use for the string, but I came up empty-handed. So, I was forced to stick with the old fashioned use of enchanted Drider Silk… Yeah… Anyone who doesn’t understand why I don’t like using Drider Silk, it’s probably for the best… However, if JordanPhoenix asks about it on my Fanfiction account, I’d gladly tell her there.


So, yeah! I call Maya’s Rosary the Beaded Rosary!


As for the earrings, those are the ones mentioned in the ‘With Notes’ version of the ‘Maya’s Personalized Waitress Uniform.’ The Amethysts are exactly like the ones on her Rosary & she has several pairs of them in different metals, only 1 pair is made of an alloy with Crystalline Adamantine in the mix & these are them. As for why they have those weird levers on them; I am just SO TIRED of losing those f***ing tiny plastic backs & having to look everywhere for them. Then, I’d get so ticked off, that I’d just say ‘screw it’ & take the back off a different earring.


Anyway, I feel like Maya might be like me, so I gave her an out by making it so that she doesn’t need those stupid plastic backs!

I put my Signature the way I did to show that I don't mind the pic being flipped upside-down, because there really isn't a 'right' way to look at the image.

I'm sure everyone knows that I don't own the Ace Attorney Series, CAPCOM does.
I don't own the game Ookami. Again, that honor goes to CAPCOM.
Anything else that I might've taken inspiration from to create this, I don't own either.
Like, the fangs for the Fanged Rosary. That was inspired by Inuyasha's Rosary from the anime & manga series' 'Inuyasha,' which I also do not own.

So, I'd appreciate it if I wasn't sued. Finally, now that I'm done, please understand that some of the mythos that I used, I had to tweek to fit with my story & I apologize for any confusion created in the wake of my tall tales.

Labyrinthian Inquisitor Knight Hatpin by Aikoiya
Labyrinthian Inquisitor Knight Hatpin
Hey... I'm tired so I'll try to make this quick...

This is the Inquisitor Knights' Seal & Layton is given it. You can't really tell, but it's supposed to be a hatpin, because he's Sir Silk Hat. Hershel would just pin it to the red band around his top hat.

I'm sure everyone knows that I don't own the Ace Attorney Series, CAPCOM does.
Nor do I own the Professor Layton Series, owned by Level 5, I believe.
I think that Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton could be described as a co-ownership between CAPCOM & Level 5, maybe?

Maybe I'll come back & do a better description once I'm more rested...


Aria Emmitte
United States


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